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Av Paul Radmilli was invited on the programme Gimgha b’Gimgha to discuss various issues in relation to maintenance.

During the programme of the 26th October 2023, Av Radmilli delved into the difference between the legal obligation to pay maintenance to children as opposed to spouses. He also touched upon the legal principles upon which maintenance is calculated – the needs of who is entitled to maintenance and the means of whoever is obliged to pay for it. Dr Radmilli also explained the various instances when maintenance can be imposed by Court or agreed upon amicably between the couple.

In his second appearance on the programme Gimgha b’Gimgha, Av Paul Radmilli gave an overview of what happens in a situation where maintenance is not being paid. He explained the legal remedies to recover unpaid maintenance, as well as the procedure for filing of criminal proceedings under Article 338(z) of the Criminal Code and the prescriptive period within which such proceedings could be filed.

Watch the two interviews below:

Gimgha b’Gimgha, 26/10/2023

Gimgha b’Gimgha, 08/11/2023