Maritime and Shipping Law is one of Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates’ main areas of specialisation. Clients seeking reliability and adherence to the highest industry standards often opt to register their vessels, whether pleasure or commercial, with the reputable Maltese flag which has always served as a hub for international trading due to its strategic position. Our maritime and shipping law department is dedicated to advising and supporting ship owners, ship financiers, and ship operators in various legal and technical aspects of the maritime industry. This includes services such as the registration of vessels and mortgages under the Maltese Flag, ship leasing, sales and acquisition of vessels, and ship financing.

The maritime and shipping department at Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates likewise assists shipowners, employers and crewmembers alike in any matter relating to the employment of crewmembers including the drafting of appropriate seafarer employment agreements and the provision of legal advice on all employments matters including termination of employment or injuries at work.

We further take pride in offering comprehensive legal guidance and support to ship owners and operators facing the complexities of maritime litigation. Recognizing the distinct nature of each case, we tailor legal strategies to align with the unique circumstances of each client.

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Cedric Mifsud

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