Since Malta’s accession to the EU, European law has permeated all sectors of society, affecting industrial entities and individuals alike. Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates has a specialized EU law department which focuses on assisting clients with EU regulatory compliance in various fields of EU Law including electronic communications, environmental law, employment law, judicial protection, competition law, intellectual property, taxation and company law amongst others.
The firm has a number of European affiliates, which correspond on a weekly basis on a number of developments taking place in the EU law sector. Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates is frequently engaged by these affiliates to provide consultancy work for international clients vis-à-vis Malta’s progress on the enforcement of EU Regulations, transposition of EU Directives and opinions on the impact of local legislations in relation to the client’s EU law requirements. Assistance is also given to public entities in relation to their EU obligations, the drafting of laws for the transposition of Directives and interpretation of the said EU Regulations, Directives and decisions.
Given the emphasis placed on establishing a Single Market within the European Union, Competition Law is perhaps the most heavily regulated sector within the EU. Companies must ensure that they are up to date with the EU regulatory framework so as to effectively meet new challenges and opportunities. The latter is to be done without falling into the trap of price-fixing, cartels or abuse of dominant positions particularly through the recent development taking place in relation to private enforcement at an EU level.
The firm offers the following services in relation to EU & Competition:
  • Contractual drafting in compliance with EU regulations;
  • Acquisitions and joint ventures;
  • Merger control issues;
  • Cartel investigations and dawn raids;
  • Abuse of dominance and Monopolisation;
  • State aid;
  • Public procurement; and
  • Assisting clients before the Office for Fair Competition and in proceedings before the Commission for Fair Trading.


Cedric Mifsud

Founding Partner

Charlene Baldacchino Gauci

Senior Associate


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