Civil LawProcedural Law

Notification must be done to the correct address

November 24, 2023
The court marshal must carry out notification of court documents to the correct address of the person or company, he would like to notify. This…
Employment Law

Introduction of the Employment Agencies Regulations

November 23, 2023
Employment Agencies Regulations, 2023 The new Employment Agencies Regulations were published on the 23rd November 2023 through Legal Notice 270 of 2023. These Regulations will…
Family Law

Best interest of minors should prevail

November 17, 2023
The concept of best interest of a minor should prevail in situations of care, custody, access and maintenance. This was held in a judgment delivered…
Employment Law

Appeals from Industrial Tribunal should be only on points of law

November 5, 2023
The Court of Appeal annulled an appeal on the ground that the appeal was dealing with the merits of the case and not on a…
Administrative LawConstitutional Law

Court of Appeal wants a one stop shop for when people sue the government

November 2, 2023
The Court of Appeal wants the law changed in order for plaintiffs to sue directly the government or the State Advocate as its main legal…
Administrative Law

Government boards subject to judicial review

October 26, 2023
In the case ‘L-Avukat Malcolm Mifsud u l-Avukat Cedric Mifsud vs il-Bord ta’ Sorveljanza Dwar Sanzjonijiet’ before Judge Audrey Demicoli, the Court had declared a…

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