The Companies Act (Chapter 386 of the Laws of Malta) provides a well-structured framework for the regulation of companies and partnerships in the Maltese jurisdiction. Due to Malta’s accession to the European Union, companies registered in Malta enjoy free movement within the EU, whereby they are able to avail themselves of the lowest effective tax rates in Europe due to the extensive Double Taxation Treaty network currently in place. Companies or partnerships may be expediently set up in less than 48 hours with relatively low costs and highly professional services.
Throughout the years, Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates has assisted in the set-up of hundreds of companies some of which, today, are market leaders in the sector in which they operate. Most of the work on commercial and corporate matters is carried out together with AEGIS Corporate Services Limited, the firm’s corporate branch.
The firm offers the following services in relation to Commercial and Corporate matters:
  • Advice on Company structures;
  • Setting up of Companies or Commercial Partnerships;
  • Setting up of Small business ventures, including self-employed or civil partnerships;
  • A full range of Corporate Services as may be required for the maintenance of such company, including Company Registration Services;
  • Registered Office Services;
  • Income Tax and VAT registration;
  • Employment Permit number;
  • Commercial litigation including litigation in front of the Consumer Complaints Tribunal; and
  • Redomiciliation of Foreign Companies.


Malcolm Mifsud

Founding Partner

Cedric Mifsud

Founding Partner

Charlene Baldacchino Gauci

Senior Associate

Mattea Abdilla

Associate / AML Compliance Manager


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