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Aegis Corporate Services, a Corporate Service Provider in Malta, is pleased to announce the appointment of Marylise Sacco as its Executive Director. With her extensive experience and a proven track record in the corporate service industry, Ms. Sacco is prepared to play a key role in steering the company towards further growth and solidifying its position.

Before assuming her current role, Ms. Sacco held the position of Head of Accounting and Tax Compliance within the organization. In this capacity, she oversaw the delivery of accountancy, tax, and VAT management services to external clients. Her qualifications include the completion of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) professional certification in 2019. During her ACCA journey, she demonstrated her excellence by achieving 1st place in Malta and 19th place globally in Financial Management, along with 2nd place in Malta in Taxation.

Ms. Sacco embarked on her accountancy career in 2013, gaining invaluable experience within the industry sector for five years before transitioning into the role of Client Accountant for an additional three years. During this period, she skilfully managed a portfolio of international clients.

In her new capacity as Executive Director, Ms. Sacco will take on the responsibilities of leading strategic initiatives at Aegis Corporate Services, overseeing day-to-day operations, and spearheading business development efforts. Her vision for the company is firmly rooted in fostering innovation, enhancing client experiences, and driving sustainable growth.

Reflecting on the changing landscape of corporate services, Ms. Sacco notes, “Many companies nowadays prefer to have all their corporate service requirements, including legal, compliance, and payroll, provided by a single central service provider. This eliminates the need for multiple onboarding processes, reduces unnecessary expenditure, and maximizes operational efficiency. Aegis Corporate Services is perfectly positioned to achieve precisely this. The Group includes Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates and MMPS Ltd., enabling us to leverage legal and payroll services internally. This streamlines the process, sparing clients from sourcing multiple service providers for time-sensitive issues.”

Speaking on her appointment, Ms. Sacco expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I am deeply honored to assume the role of Executive Director. It’s a great opportunity to lead a talented team. I’m fully committed to making our company successful and maintaining our reputation for excellent service and value to our clients.”

Furthermore, she emphasised that her primary priorities include maintaining and improving upon their current reputation for excellence and continuing to drive client growth, both domestically and diversifying their client base. She also highlighted the importance of investing in their team, recognising that their excellence is intrinsically linked to the expertise and dedication of their staff.