Joan Farrugia

AEGIS Corporate Services – Administrator

Joan Farrugia began her journey in Compliance in 2020 when she joined Aegis Corporate Services as a Corporate Administrator. In her role, Joan’s primary responsibility lies in conducting due diligence, whereby she is responsible for ensuring that compliance procedures run smoothly during the onboarding of new customers and the opening of bank accounts. Leveraging her expertise and careful attention to detail, she navigates the complex regulatory landscape with precision and dedication.

Drawing on her extensive experience and strong understanding of compliance protocols, Joan leads efforts to improve the onboarding process while maintaining the highest standards of regulatory compliance.

In addition to her core responsibilities, Joan is committed to ongoing professional development. She stays updated on evolving regulations and industry best practices by taking relevant courses, contributing to the continuous improvement of compliance standards within the organization.

Before joining Aegis Corporate Services, Joan worked in the financial and legal sectors. She gained valuable experience working with one of the island’s major banks and various law firms.

(+356) 27 036314

Languages: Maltese, English, Italian