Junior Associate
T: (+356) 27 237172
Languages: English, Maltese and French
Naomi graduated as an advocate in 2019 and was admitted to the Maltese Bar and granted her warrant to practice as a lawyer in 2020. At University, her final bachelors’ dissertation focused on the relationship between human rights, mental health and asylum seekers. Naomi is a certified Mental Health First Aider.
Naomi started working at the firm in 2018 and primarily handles immigration work, debt collection services, vetting of contracts and litigation. Previously she worked in one of the leading Audit firms on the island working in financial services. She also served as the Vice President for the National Youth Council of Malta (KNŻ) from 2016 to 2019.

  • LL.B. (Hons) Dissertation: The positive obligation of the Maltese government to provide for adequate mental healthcare with particular reference to the mental healthcare needs of detained asylum seekers
  • ELSA Malta Publication: Hate Speech - Negotiating Peace in the ambit of freedom of speech
  • KSU Publication: Immigration in Malta: Integration through Education
  • The European Future Leaders Conference 2016 Publication: Defining Europe's Future
A small Island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, boasting a year round warm climate, scenic views and a kind-hearted friendly nation makes Malta an attractive place for any tourist to visit. It is however also becoming an increasingly popular choice for residency, given the various opportunities, schemes and tax benefits Malta has to offer to both EU and non-EU citizens.
Malta’s unique hybrid system is the product of numerous influences coming in from different legal systems throughout the years. In our judicial system we thus witness civil law and common law practices working together with the recent EU laws introduced upon Malta’s accession in 2004.
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